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Eurocom Worldwide member agencies collectively service over 1,000 clients, ranging from Global Top 100 to local SMBs and governmental institutions. All our member agencies have a strong specialisation in B2B PR and marketing communications with a focus on key technology, industrial and commercial sectors. Many of our members also service other sectors such as FMCG, travel and HORECA.

Our member agencies collaborate together on a daily basis in supporting pan-regional and global communications campaigns. Our network clients highly value the close and seasoned cooperation between our agency teams and the seamless project management mastered by our members across national and cultural borders.

Jim Convis, President, User Solutions

“It’s amazing to see how America’s businesses are coming together to make a difference in any way that they can. For instance, when we reached out to Ripple Effect Communications, we were so thankful to have their talented digital PR and Social Media team step up to manage our campaign free of charge so that we could get the word out quickly and effectively."
Anna Hahn-Lesniewska, Client Service Director, Partner of Promotion

"LEAD in Latvia has demonstrated a professional business approach showing excellent co-operations with both journalists from the automotive field as well as with their partner agencies in the Baltic States and other countries. The proposals we receive are always creative, targeted and business oriented. Their staff are professional and experienced in Public Relations."

www.renault.comCase Details
Franziska Bernhard, Senior PR & Marketing Manager, Wrike Germany

"The expertise of the Eurocom Worldwide Network helps us to drive awareness in local European markets. The 2016 Wrike Digital Work Report is a great example of successful teamwork between the regional agencies. They have put together a campaign that was very well received by journalists in France, Germany and the UK."

www.wrike.comCase Details
Sarah Hostetler, International Business Manager, TechSmith

"We have been working with Schwartz PR in Germany for several years to cover one of our most important markets. This summer we expanded to new markets and started to look for new PR partners in France and Japan. Thanks to Eurocom Worldwide we found suitable partners immediately and could rest assured that these agencies have the same high standards, quality and ambition that we know from Schwartz PR. We are delighted to see this quality mirrored in the excellent results of our Camtasia launch in all three countries."

www.techsmith.comCase Details
Greg Farrett, CEO, EMG Benelux & China

"Both EMG and Orient Planet of the Eurocom Worldwide PR Network collaborated in communicating the official opening of Songwon's joint venture manufacturing plant in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We thank our colleagues at Orient Planet for the great support and the fantastic media coverage for our joint client Songwon."

www.songwon.comCase Details
Berry Medendorp, Senior Manager Outbound Marketing, Belden

"Through our relationship with EMG in The Netherlands over the last 10 years we have been able to access the Eurocom Worldwide network and execute our media relations and marketing communications on a global basis, including Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. EMG's partners around the world have the local knowledge and expertise we need for our business and they deliver to the high standards that a global leader like Belden requires."
Silvija Veide, Brand Communication & PR Manager, Sony Baltic

"Eurocom Worldwide partner agencies in the Baltics always deliver a solutions driven approach as well as creative ideas handling Sony brand communication strategy execution with excellence, though keeping meticulous attention to every detail."
Angelika Dester, PR Manager, EnOcean

"We were impressed with how fast and effective Eurocom Worldwide's team of agencies grasped our technology and how well they were able to optimize a global strategic approach to convey to the media and analysts the value EnOcean delivers."
Amaury Santos, Regional Manager Latin America, The International Electrotechnical Commission - IEC

"Working with Eurocom Worldwide was a pleasant experience, which resulted in a very satisfying launch of our operations in Latin America. It was clear that, even though our message was complex, they quickly grasped what we needed to get across to the media."
Jens Kofoed, Marketing Manger, RTX Telecom A/S

"We were very pleasantly surprised with the amount and depth of coverage and the number of markets we reached through our campaign. Working with Eurocom Worldwide was a professional and effortless experience."
Szczepan Wącław, Managing Director Poland, POSSIBLE

"It was a great experience working with Eurocom Worldwide. We have received very good support in creating brand visibility on the local market. Proficiency in client services and ease of communication."
Wojciech Kuśpik, initiator of European Economic Congress (EEC)

"Eurocom Worldwide team supported us effectively in EEC's communication in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today, taking place in Poland, European Economic Congress is the biggest and the best recognizable business event in Central Europe."
Ramin Rafirasme, Senior Public Information Officer, United Nations World Food Programme

"I speak from experience when I say that in my entire career I have never seen such strong outcome of a media campaign which was not about war or famine. We experienced incredible media support and we are extraordinarily grateful for the efforts by Eurocom Worldwide."

If you request further information about our client relations in specific countries or regions please contact our Network Director Isabel Radwan.

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