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Benefits of Membership

Eurocom Worldwide was created to offer truly global PR & marketing communications services, based on the fundamentals of


Eurocom Worldwide is a strong, efficient alliance of independent like-minded communications agencies.


We facilitate cross-border cooperation and support for international business development.


We provide a competitive alternative to major global PR firms for international clients.

What are the benefits of being a member at the Eurocom Worldwide Network?

International credibility
Eurocom Worldwide offers an international branding umbrella within which members can obtain international credibility with their clients and prospects. Our members integrate the network branding on their websites, email signatures, marketing collaterals and pitch materials.

Business opportunities
Eurocom Worldwide members receive and share business opportunities, refer clients and introduce each other in client pitches and proposals. Numerous multinational client campaigns are lead and shared by our members. 

Access to knowledge & best practices
Eurocom Worldwide provides an active forum for members to access current industry knowledge and regularly exchange ideas and best practices. Our annual member conferences are hosted at alternating locations with international guest speakers to offer members a professional forum to debate common challenges and gain knowledge about current industry trends.

Access to marketing & pitching materials
Eurocom Worldwide provides members access to various marketing and pitching collaterals via the member-only Extranet to facilitate pitching processes and cross-border cooperation.

How can I become a member of the Eurocom Worldwide Network?

To become a member, please contact our network director Isabel Radwan with a brief statement explaining your motivation to join and containing relevant information about your agency. The network director will make an initial assessment of fit based on the fundamental criteria of independence, B2B focus, technology competence, global approach and geographic location/market coverage. We are particularly interested in applications from agencies in countries or territories where we do not have member representation.

If these basic criteria are met then the network director will enter into a detailed information exchange and the application will be reviewed with the network management. We quickly reply on every agency request and usually make decisions in a short period of time.

How does the joining process work?

After an application is accepted, the network director will arrange formal documentation including membership agreement, service level agreement and fee invoice. 

Once these formalities are complete the new member will be formally introduced to Eurocom Worldwide and a news release may be issued to all members and via Social Media channels by mutual agreement. The network director will arrange for the appropriate entries on the public website and member-only Extranet and will introduce the resources available on the Extranet and processes in place for cross-border co-operation.

What are the guiding principles of the Eurocom Worldwide Network?

Since being set up in 2002, the Eurocom Worldwide Network has evolved into a mutual association guided by the following over-arching principles:

  • Open and transparent operation on a day-to-day basis
  • Equitable contribution by all members to the running costs
  • Equal opportunity to contribute and influence for all members
  • Collaboration is crucial to obtaining benefit from membership
  • Non-profit making, but self-funding from the annually membership fee
  • Non-exclusive involvement both for members and the network

Unlike many other networks, Eurocom Worldwide does not operate a commission system, whereby members receiving business from other members are obliged to pay a commission to the network. We do not offer any member agency territorial exclusivity, and in some markets we have more than one member agency though in most countries we have only one to avoid any conflicts of interest between our members.

How is the Eurocom Worldwide Network financed?

Eurocom Worldwide member agencies pay a yearly membership fee and the network does not charge any further commissions or fees on business exchanged or received from other agencies in the network. We operate on an annual membership basis, except where new members join part way through the year, in which case membership is for the remainder of the year.

If you would like further information on becoming a member of the Eurocom Worldwide Network please contact our Network Director Isabel Radwan.

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