Ripple Effect Communications, one of Eurocom Worldwide’s member agencies in the US, is supporting companies with free of charge communications services who are offering smart solutions to battle the Coronavirus pandemic. One example is the US company User Solutions who offer RMX, their standalone production scheduling and inventory system free of charge to manufacturers temporarily repurposing their production lines in the fight against COVID-19.

Convert Production to COVID-19 relevant products

Since RMX can be rapidly implemented and configured (within a few hours) to support production line conversions and schedules in the fight against the Coronavirus, manufacturers big and small can quickly move to action whether the need is more masks, ventilators, gowns, gloves – you name it.

An employee working on a mask production line
Rapidly convert production to COVID-19 relevant products

“Drawing from our 30-plus years’ experience serving manufacturers, we have come to appreciate what is involved with supporting a sudden conversion to a new product with all new bills of resources: labor, work centers and bills of materials. We would be thrilled to play an instrumental role in helping manufacturers that are changing gears to produce COVID-19 related products by saving them time and substantial costs through the use of our RMX,” says Jim Convis, president of User Solutions.

Ripple Effect quickly spread the Word

Convis adds: “It’s amazing to see how America’s businesses are coming together to make a difference in any way that they can. For instance, when we reached out to Ripple Effect Communications, we were so thankful to have their talented digital PR and social media team step up to manage our campaign free of charge so that we could get the word out quickly and effectively. And it also goes to show that businesses of all kinds can do their part.”

Photo of Valerie Harding, President of Ripple Effect
Valerie Harding, President of Ripple Effect, USA

For more information please get in touch with Valerie Harding, President of Ripple Effect Communications in the US: