Konektor Place Group, Eurocom Worldwide’s member in Czech & Slovak Republic, have developed a guide for clients outlining how to effectively communicate as a local or global brand in the post-viral era.

The Coronavirus pandemic has struck communications professionals with full force – from day to day they must rethink and adapt their work to an altered environment and changed expectations. Konektor Place have outlined in their communications guide the key areas for post-viral marketing communications that will most probably undergo a fundamental transformation.

Optimistic Communications Guide by Konektor Place
Optimistic Communications Guide by Konektor Place

Anticipating a "New Normal”

Konektor Place have identified a transitional phase that will lead to a „New Normal”; they offer practical tips on how to use this crisis as an opportunity to create new ideas, adopt new measures and develop a new kind of mission-driven, altruistic communications approach. Confidence and reliability are the key assets for any of today’s organisations and it is paramount that companies build their future communications strategies on these assets. Furthermore, news media as well as Social Media will undergo further substantial transformation and people will change habits and even values – so communications professionals should anticipate these trends instead of reacting to them.

The guide forecasts the winner sectors of this crisis and the boom of communications measures based on virtual and streaming technologies as well as AI, augmented reality and automated content that will accelerate the above mentioned transformations. The role of experts and scientists will gain importance while those of celebrities and lay influencers might lose momentum.

Rostislav Stary, partner of Konektor Place Group
Rostislav Stary, partner of Konektor Place Group

Guide for an optimistic future

Rostislav Stary, partner of Konektor Place Group, commented: “We have shared this guide with clients, prospects, partners, journalists and industrial influencers to emphasize that it is crucial to not only focus on the current situation but also find the time to proactively prepare for a future when the virus is under control and anticipate communications strategies for this transitional phase.“

Stary adds: „We know the dilemma of companies who have been overwhelmed by this crisis which leads to a kind of paralysis with regards to future planning. It is our role as communications experts to lead our clients through this crisis into the future with objective advice and new creative ideas that will anticipate future values and habits of people, communities and companies.“

The Optimistic Communications Guide for the Post-Viral Era by Konektor Place Group is available here for download in Czech language under the section "White Papers": https://konektorsocial.cz/#manual-5

You are welcome to directly get in touch with Rostislav Stary to receive further information and consultation in English language: rostislav.stary@prkonektor.cz