Virtual Trade Show Booths
Virtual Trade Shows are booming

Napier, Eurocom Worldwide's member in the UK, has launched its own virtual trade show platform –

BoothCloud is a virtual trade show platform designed specifically for the B2B technology industry. Napier has created BoothCloud to enable rapid deployment of virtual trade show stands for technology companies.

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 mean it is the ideal time to consider deploying a virtual trade show booth. Unlike publishers’ and event organisers’ virtual shows, BoothCloud delivers a booth specifically designed for each client with no content restrictions in place, enabling Napier to develop a reusable booth with a low development cost and cost of ownership.

Photo of Mike Maynard, Managing Director of Napier
Mike Maynard, MD of Napier, UK

"With the uncertain future of trade shows due to COVID-19, we identified an opportunity where we could help our clients engage with their customers", commented Mike Maynard, Managing Director of Napier. "By developing on open-source software, we provide our clients with a booth that can be re-used for multiple events, maximizing return on investment".

With booths already successfully deployed for several of Napier’s clients, BoothCloud provides a fantastic solution for any B2B company looking for a highly customisable virtual trade show stand at a reasonable cost.

Are you interested in further information? Please visit or get in touch with Mike Maynard from Napier.