Photo featuring portraits of the four partners of Konektor in Czech & Slovak Republic
The Partners of Konektor in Czech & Slovak Republic

Konektor, one of Czech Republic’s leading communication groups, has integrated all its services under one brand. The group is one of Czech leaders in communication solutions including PR, advertising, digital and influencer marketing and lobbying. The group’s integration will help Konektor push the boundaries of multi-channel creative and strategic communication.

The communication group Konektor employs over fifty experts in the fields of public relations, advertising, strategic communication, digital and influencer marketing, social media and public affairs. Konektor is an independent, Czech-owned agency with offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is also a long-term member of Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR Network.

With an income of 4.5 million EUR from PR, social media and influencer marketing in 2021, the group is one of the leaders in the Czech Republic. According to the Czech Association of Public Relations, the total income of PR agencies amounted to 26.1 million EUR in 2020.

Almost 100 industry awards

The group has realized a number of successful campaigns on both local and international levels. Konektor’s successes have been recognized with a victory in the prestigious SABRE Awards and 4 wins in European Excellence Awards, as well as numerous shortlists and nominations. Konektor has also received 29 Czech PR Awards and several other Czech communication awards. In total, the group has collected almost one hundred industry awards.

The right people for the right projects

To achieve the ideal results, Konektor builds a custom team for each campaign and project according to the client's needs. The group also cooperates with external communication and other specialists, such as sociologists or multimedia artists. This approach helps break down stereotypes and broadens the view of possible solutions.

"Our long-term vision has been and remains to maintain the ability to integrate individual communication disciplines and ideas, as well as to connect an internal team on projects with the best experts from outside. And we offer this under one brand Konektor. Just as the boundaries between disciplines are blurring, there are no barriers between our teams. We meet in one office and the best people across the group work on each project,” explains Konektor’s partner Jaroslav Duroň.

Combining disciplines and experts

The group consists of Konektor PR (formerly PR.Konektor), which specializes in modern public relations, Konektor Campaigns (formerly Konektor advertising agency), operating in the field of advertising and ATL communication, Konektor Digital (formerly Konektor Social), focusing on digital communications, social media and content marketing, Konektor Influencers (formerly The Hive), specializing in influencer-marketing, and The Ship, which provides public affairs services.

Photo featuring a portrait of Rostislav Starý, Partner at Konektor
Rostislav Starý, Partner at Konektor

"The advantage of Konektor is that it has a team with various specialties and great cooperation. We are large enough to guarantee substitutability in individual positions and the selection of the best people for any given project, but at the same time flexible enough to be able to take advantage of synergies and look for opportunities across communication channels and campaigns,” adds partner Rostislav Starý.

Serving global clients with highest demands

Among Konektor’s long-term clients are Microsoft, Nvidia, Mondelez, Oriflame, Decathlon, Haribo, HBO, Playstation, Skanska, Notino, Sazka, ČSOB, Danone and many others.

Konektor is also a long-term active member of many professional organizations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it participates in the development, promotion and professional ethics of various communication disciplines. At the beginning of 2022, the group joined the Czech Communication Agencies Association (AKA), where it actively participates in the fight against disinformation and increasing media literacy of the public.

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