Eurocom Worldwide Members chatting during a Network Call
Eurocom Worldwide Member Agencies

Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR Network, has experienced its best business period since its foundation in 2002 with a 30% increase in requests for regional as well as international PR and marketing communications projects compared to 2020.

Many B2B and technology companies, the core clients of Eurocom Worldwide’s member agencies, have either benefitted from the COVID-19 pandemic with their products and services – especially in the areas of digitisation and virtualisation – or increased their investment in communications activities to overcome the business decline during the COVID-19 pandemic with expanded outreach to their target sectors.

Unmatched level of global member cooperations in 2021

As a result, the level of collaboration across the Eurocom Worldwide network in 2021 has surpassed levels experienced in previous years, underlining the benefits of membership. Engagement levels within the Eurocom Worldwide community have also increased significantly, with expanded knowledge-sharing and inter-member support, especially during the most difficult phases of the global pandemic.

In parallel, the inflow of requests from PR agencies around the globe to join Eurocom Worldwide’s global PR community has also reached new levels – Eurocom Worldwide has already appointed six new member agencies in 2021 in key markets including the UK, Spain, Hungary, Israel, Turkey and Singapore.

Eurocom Worldwide is one of the largest independent PR and marketing communications networks with its particular focus on key technology, industrial and commercial sectors. Founded in 2002, it currently comprises 29 member agencies in more than 40 offices covering over 80 countries across all five continents.

Increasing demand to join global PR Network

“We have been overwhelmed by the volume of PR requests that we have received as a global network during the last year and the increased interest of PR agencies around the globe to join Eurocom Worldwide”, says Isabel Radwan, Network Director of Eurocom Worldwide.

Photo of Isabel Radwan, Network Director of Eurocom Worldwide
Isabel Radwan, Network Director of Eurocom Worldwide

“Our network is now well-positioned to benefit from the global growth recovery that is underway. However, many of our member agencies are currently struggling with recruitment and retention in their markets. The pandemic has exposed the shortage of talent in our industry across all continents.”