Poster of the European Gateway for Women’s Entrepreneurship WEgate
The European Gateway for Women’s Entrepreneurship WEgate

The European Gateway for Women’s Entrepreneurship WEgate is an e-platform launched by the European Commission to support women entrepreneurs across Europe. It’s recent Survey WEbarometer explores the situation of female entrepreneurs today.

Madelene Kornfehl, cofounder of Eurocom Worldwide’s member agency Cloudberry Communications in Sweden, has been supporting WEgate on a number of key projects to date; including the WEbarometer research paper and WEgate Summit, a virtual networking event which took place in December 2020.

WEbarometer – a survey of entrepreneurs women in Europe
Commissioned by WEgate, the WEbarometer is the first comprehensive effort to measure at a pan-European level the current social, political and economic circumstances for women entrepreneurs to start and grow their own business. It provides an independent, non-partisan, multidisciplinary view of public opinion on a range of women entrepreneurship-centric issues.

 “The WEbarometer reflects the current business sentiment of women entrepreneurs across Europe”, says Madelene Kornfehl, COO of Cloudberry Communications. “An initiative to find out what female entrepreneurs across Europe seek most from the European Union.”

Connecting with like-minded female professionals
By registering on WEgate, women can find like-minded professionals – for example female support organisations – with whom they can connect, exchange good practices, or discuss relevant policy initiatives in the area of women’s entrepreneurship.

Registering can also allow them to find business women active in the same sector as theirs. Being a part of the WEgate community can also give them visibility – share their organisation’s story, events and news relating to female entrepreneurship with the network, and WEgate can publish for them in English, German and French. In addition, women will also be identified as a resource person for other women entrepreneurs or organisations supporting them.

Photo of Madelene Kornfehl, COO of Cloudberry in Sweden
Madelene Kornfehl, COO of Cloudberry in Sweden

“We are really excited about what the future holds for WEgate, and we look forward to supporting them fully along the journey. Some discussions are already underway with regards to planning and prospects for a busy, prosperous year ahead”, says Madelene Kornfehl.

About Cloudberry Communications
Cloudberry Communications is a Swedish PR and communications agency with a strong focus on tech-innovation, place branding and sustainable urban development. Cloudberry is based in Stockholm with a representation in Copenhagen. The agency is active across the Nordic region through their close knit partner network of consultants and agencies that share their values and professional culture. Cloudberry’s clients range from large international B2B and B2C tech companies to regional startups to public sector organisations. Cloudberry is Eurocom Worldwide’s member agency in Sweden.