Sergii Bidenko, CEO of Bayka.Agency
Sergii Bidenko, CEO of Bayka.Agency

Sergii Bidenko, CEO of Eurocom Worldwide’s affiliate member Bayka.Agency in Ukraine, was honored by ICCO Global Awards 2022 in the Best Crisis Response Category for professional and volunteer activities during the Russian war against Ukraine.

One of the winning campaigns – 'UKRAINIAN VOICES' – was a collaborative project with Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR Network. From the first days of the war Sergii Bidenko developed a list of English-speaking Ukrainian speakers for the international media – a list of experts, analysts, business leaders, mayors of Ukrainian cities, journalists on the front line, refugees and witnesses who provided interviews, comments, analysis and life stories about the events of the war and their impact on the economic, social and political landscape in Ukraine and beyond.

100 Ukrainian top-speakers about the war in Ukraine

The list 'UKRAINIAN VOICES' was spread by Eurocom Worldwide agencies on all five continents to more than 300 news media. The Eurocom agencies continuously spread contact details, updates about new speakers and suggested topics to their countries' media and thus created a powerful and seamless information flow of news and expert commentary on the Ukrainian fight against the Russian invasion.

Sergii Bidenko, CEO of Bayka.Agency, commented: “On 25 February 2022 I took up information work for an international audience, creating a LinkedIn Page with news about the war in Ukraine and a list of English-speaking Ukrainian speakers for worldwide media comments and broadcasts on radio and TV. Thanks to Andrius Kasparavicius, Lithuanian member of Eurocom Worldwide, who initiated a powerful wave of support among his international network colleagues, we received coverage in hundreds of relevant publications reflecting the position of Ukrainians on the events taking place in Ukraine.“

Isabel Radwan, Network Director of Eurocom Worldwide, said: “Eurocom Worldwide is wholly opposed to any attempts to suppress other cultures, religions or nations and totally condemns the actions by Russia against the people of the Ukraine. As a global community of almost 30 PR agencies and more than 700 PR professionals around the world we stand alongside all Ukrainians and will do whatever we can to support them in their struggle for democracy and freedom.“

The ICCO Global Award 2022 is the second award Sergii Bidenko has received for his cooperation with the Eurocom Worldwide PR Network in this year. He was already awarded in summer 2022 for his activities by Davos Communications Awards in the Best Crisis Communications Leader nomination.

Sergii Bidenko is also Co-founder and Chairman of the United PR Association of Ukraine (UPRA). UPRA – which is comprised of 180 members – was established in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Its mission is to bring Ukrainian PR and communications professionals together to inform the world of the truth as it relates to the atrocities committed in Ukraine by the Russian military.