LIGRE, a new kind of Communications Animal is born. Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc and THET Studio come together to create a new agency offering services that combine a strategic perspective of communications, with strong creativity, both applied to a hybrid world. Each one of the agencies will continue to operate as usual, while LIGRE will offer LATAM and US Hispanics clients a mix of communications campaigns and strategy services to empower their reputation and assure their business growth.
The new Management Team of Ligre in Argentina
The new LIGRE Management

Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc, the strategic communications consultant firm operating in Argentina and the region, led by Matías Alurralde, Mariana Jasper, and Karina Riera; and THET Studio, the digital creativity agency boasting more than 10 years of background, led by Teban Kim, launch “LIGRE, communications animal”.

The digital transformation process is now adding new dimensions, from the way people experience the “new normal” and how they are adopting or creating new every day life spaces in the metaverse. The role of communications agencies is essential:

“Digital transformation is not enough. We find there is a need to make our perspective grow, increasingly focusing in the heart of brands, their purpose, what they can contribute to the world, all with a good dose of creativity and multi-platform innovation”, says Matías Alurralde, President of Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc.

“We need to share this vision with our ecosystem and tell stories in a hybrid world, strategically, with relevant content, so it makes sense to those listening, receiving and interacting with the world of brands. This is only possible with good storytelling, with strategy and content as its background”, added Mariana Jasper, Vice President and Partner, Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc.

“LIGRE is a new dimension of our work together. For a number of years we have shared various projects, working with clients such as IBM, Millicom, We are All Human Foundation, and Ushuaia; we have built a synergy that enables us to create a new agency in tune with our times and the future. The timing and conditions are right, and both clients and the market need us to give our best from a single place. That place is LIGRE”, says Teban Kim, Director, THET Studio.

The best of two worlds, now together

LIGRE results from the natural integration of both agencies when providing tools and communications solutions to clients, whatever they need to make an impact on their audiences, and that includes strategy and creativity as a single unit, smart campaigns based on data and results but always focusing on talking to people and creating emotions to cause them to act: “High tech- High touch”.

On the one hand, Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc´s contribution is the design of strategies, with the company’s ability to find insights, developing the reputation of organizations, a vision of trends, and the knowledge of their clients’ business. And as to THET, the creative power, branding, digital know-how, an ability to design and implement the digital in the real world, its relations with the lifestyle and gourmet worlds.

A new Communications Animal

LIGRE is the hybrid offspring of the Leo and Tigris panthers, of a lion and a tiger, a genetic combination resulting in the largest wildcat in the world.

“This name reflects what we intend to be as an agency, a unique animal, a communications animal combining our best talents and abilities in strategy and creativity, applied to the digital world and with a regional reach”, explains Karina Riera, founding partner of Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc.

A new kind of agency is born, a unique animal “LIGRE, Communications Animal”.
The Logo of the Communications Agency Ligre