The 20th Eurocom Worldwide Annual Conference held from 19th to 21st October 2023 in Lisbon focused on how PR agencies can adapt to global economic and technology disruptions as well as benefit from generational changes and new working environments.

The lively discussions among the 26 delegates from across Europe, the US, Latin America and AsiaPacific explored the challenges of imbalanced HR markets, hybrid working structures, the changing demands of Gen Z as well as the potential of AI and ESG for the PR industry. Another session focused on key profitability drivers in times of inflation, fluctuating budgets and rapidly transforming agency models and service offerings.

Highest global coverage and business activities

“Our global network community is stronger and more engaged than ever despite the political and economic risks and uncertainties that we are facing all around the world”, commented Isabel Radwan, Network Director of Eurocom Worldwide. “We currently have a record of 31 member agencies covering 91 countries on all five continents with an increase of 30% of business activities and knowledge exchange over the past 3 years.”

Eurocom Worldwide Annual Conference 2023 in Lisbon

New members in 2023

Eurocom Worldwide has recruited 3 new member agencies in 2023: Media em Movimento covering Portugal as well as 7 African CPLP countries, The Recognition Group covering Australia and New Zealand and AJ (Alurralde Jasper) in Argentina with a network of 10 PR agencies across Latin America.

Agency of the Year 2023

Media em Movimento in Portugal was selected Agency of the Year 2023 for their outstanding contribution to the network including the hosting of this year’s Annual Conference in Lisbon. Furthermore, founding member EMG in Benelux and China was honoured for its 20th membership anniversary, and HL.COM in France for its 10th anniversary as a member of this global PR community.

Media em Movimento is Agency of the Year 2023

Introduction of second Deputy Chairman

Network Chairman Robin Baker announced the appointment of Mike Maynard, CEO of UK member Napier, as an additional Deputy Chairman alongside Christoph Schwartz, CEO of Schwartz Public Relations in Germany, who has been Deputy Chairman for more than 15 years.

Network Director Isabel Radwan was honoured with the ‘Person of the Decade’ Award for her significant contribution to the development of Eurocom Worldwide over the past 10 years.