The global Eurocom Worldwide Team in Barcelona
The global Eurocom Worldwide Team in Barcelona

The 19th Eurocom Worldwide Annual Conference held on 30 September 2022 in Barcelona demonstrated the power of the global PR Network with 30 agency leaders from around the world participating in a three days’ programme that combined social networking events with a thought-provoking conference agenda covering crucial communication industry and cultural transformation trends.  

Despite the global pandemic and the war in the Ukraine, Eurocom Worldwide has achieved its strongest global coverage ever in 2022 with 29 member agencies covering 80 countries in Europe, the US and Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Furthermore, the global PR network has reached the highest level of cross network business cooperations in its 20 year history with an increase of 30% over the last two years.

Understanding the Mindset of Generation Z

Conference keynote speaker CéciliaTaieb, Global Communications Director of SEAT and CUPRA, explored the profile of Generation Z that thrives on authenticity and purpose and demands a transformation of working patterns within companies. Cécilia explained how a brand like CUPRA approaches this generation as future customers and employees with a radical change of their corporate culture and messaging, and related her experiences to the management challenges faced by Eurocom’s agency leaders.

CéciliaTaieb, Global Communications Director of SEAT and CUPRA
Cécilia Taieb, Global Communications Director of SEAT and CUPRA

Coping with Recession and Uncertainty

Mike Maynard, CEO of UK member Napier, elaborated on the new leadership role of agency managers in times of recession and uncertainty, and explained what we can all learn from previous recessions to better cope with what 2023 may bring in the global economy.

Why Trust matters

Trust is the New Form of Brand Equity – Leah Nurik, CEO of  US member Gabriel Marketing Group, discussed the impact of trust on the success of today’s businesses and how to develop and measure trust instead of sentiments and reputation.

The Dimensions of Internal Communications

Cristina Salvador, CEO of Spanish member Both People & Comms, showcased the potential of internal communications and employer branding for revenue growth and revealed how her agency has become one of the leading experts for internal communications advice in Spain with major clients such as SEAT, Sanofi and Pepsico.

Furthermore, Both. People& Comms., who hosted the event, was awarded ‘Agency of the Year 2022’ for its exceptional engagement within the Eurocom network community.

Eduardo Menal and Cristina Mas receive the Eurocom Worldwide Award
Both. People & Comms. is Eurocom Worldwide's 'Agency of the Year 2022'

The Power of Mutuality

Valerie Harding, CEO of US member Ripple Effect, led a workshop session to identify cross border business development opportunities and potential scope to share sector experiences across the network.

Sergii Bidenko, CEO of affiliate member Bayka.Agency in Ukraine, spoke movingly about the power of mutual support and the impact of truthful communication in times of war and global crises.

Robin Baker, Eurocom Worldwide’s Network Chairman, commented: "Our Annual Conference in Barcelona impressed with the growing strength of the Eurocom Worldwide network. Once again our members demonstrated their ability to adapt to dramatically changing economic and cultural circumstances, and become even more successful by mutual support and increased collaboration across all five continents.”

10 Years Membership of Agencies in Sweden, Italy and China

Eurocom Worldwide member agencies Cloudberry in Sweden, Lbdi in Italy and EMG in China were recognised for 10 years of successful cooperation and contribution to the network.