The 17th Eurocom Worldwide Annual Conference held on 16th March 2018 focused on the most significant impacts of global digitisation on the PR industry and in particular on PR agencies. The conference agenda, presented by external experts as well as Eurocom Worldwide speakers, ranged from artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality to customer journey mapping and new measurement and evaluation techniques. The Eurocom Worldwide conference attracted close to 30 agency leaders from across Europe, Latin America, the US and Asia Pacific to Germany’s capital city Berlin.

Latest developments in AI and augmented/virtual reality

Keynote speaker Prof. Andrea Kindermann from the renowned Quadriga University in Berlin outlined new developments in the AI and augmented/virtual reality sector and their potential influence on the PR industry. She elaborated on the particular importance of the customer journey model and the competence gap between creative and classic PR agencies. Prof. Andrea Kindermann said: “The era of ‘Jack of all trades’ within the PR sector is over. The pressure is on to create and execute ideas that can compete with the omnipresence of creativity. The ability to set-up and steer teams of a wide range of experts to achieve productive collaboration will be critical for PR agencies.”

17th Eurocom Worldwide Conference in Berlin, Germany

New models of evaluating PR

AMEC speaker Dr. Jan Janzen, Head of Analysis & Consulting at Argus Data Insights, introduced new models of measuring and evaluating PR on the basis of the Barcelona Principles while Dirk Popp, VP & Global Head of Corporate Comms at HERE Technologies, focused on the relationship between clients and PR agencies in the digital era in terms of expectations and benchmarks.

Eurocom members recognised for contribution to the network

PR.Konektor, based in Prague, Czech Republic, received the Eurocom Worldwide Agency of the Year 2018 award for their outstanding engagement and contribution across the network over the last year. In addition, both PR.Konektor and Imago PR from Poland were recognised for completing 10 years of successful cooperation and contribution to the network.

Network Chairman Robin Baker commented: "This year’s conference focused on exploring the major challenges and changes that our whole industry is confronted with through digitisation. We invited leading speakers in their respective fields and our delegates appreciated the insights they gained from their shared expertise. Our global network is in excellent shape in terms of business co-operations and member collaborations and we welcomed new members joining during the last year, including agencies from Finland, Hungary and Singapore.”

The conference was hosted by Eurocom Worldwide's DACH agency Schwartz Public Relations.