The Management of Both. People & Comms. and Newlink
The Management of Both. People & Comms. and Newlink

Both. People & Comms., Eurocom Worldwide's member in Spain, and Newlink close a corporate operation to strengthen their presence in Spain and enhance their expertise in culture and organizational transformation.

  • Newlink Spain reinforces its leadership in Spain and, to its offer and trajectory in the areas of Brand and Reputation, now adds Culture and Organizational Transformation.
  • Both People & Comms will bring its more than 20 years’ experience and differential positioning in corporate communication, culture, and organizational transformation.

The strategic communication consulting company based in Miami and with offices in Spain and several Latin American countries, Newlink, closes a strategic operation with the consulting firm Both People & Comms, with offices in Barcelona and Madrid, top clients, and leadership in Spain in areas such as internal communication, culture and organizational transformation, purpose & sustainability and diversity and inclusion.

This operation allows Newlink to consolidate its leadership in Spain and, on top of its extensive experience in the areas of brand and reputation, it enhances the joint offer and expertise in the areas of culture and organizational transformation in Spain.

Both People & Comms joins the Newlink Group to expand services and market in a global network and strengthen its leadership in culture and organizational transformation in Spain, contributing with its talent and experience.

In addition, this agreement reinforces Newlink’s presence in Catalonia.

In the words of Sergio Roitberg, President and CEO of Newlink:

"Newlink and Both join together at an important moment, where the world is in a process of accelerated change and where engagement, that is, the connection of people with brands, institutions and companies, is fundamental. For this reason, Newlink Spain adds Both’s expertise in Culture and Organizational Transformation to the other two pillars of Newlink’s business: Brand and Reputation".

A great team with 22 years of experience

With this operation, Newlink allies with a company that has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, with a consolidated team, with a multidisciplinary profile and a strategic and creative vision, that allows to respond to the main challenges and objectives of the client.

The internationalization of Both

For Both, this agreement means becoming part of an international group, which allows it to expand its market and increase its portfolio of services. It will also feature Newlink’s strategic pillars in areas such as Brand Building and Sustainable Reputation. All this added to the expertise in tourism, consumption, lifestyle, digital marketing and events.

For Cristina Salvador, Founder of Both:

"For Both People & Comms, the partnership with Newlink is a recognition of the successful path of differentiation and growth in areas as relevant today in organizations as culture and organizational transformation. We put communication at the service of the humanization of organizations and their connection with future trends".

Newlink Growth

This operation is part of the growth plan of Newlink, a company created in Miami in1998 by journalist and communication guru Sergio Roitberg. In recent years it has consolidated its presence in markets such as Europe through its presence in Spain, where it landed in 2018.