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The Need for Good News in Times of COVID-19

The Need for Good News in Times of COVID-19
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The Need for Good News in Times of COVID-19
A Comment by Heikki Sal-Saller, Partner at In Nomine, Estonia

There is much talk about a "new normality" coming after the COVID-19 crisis that might force people to radically change their consumption habits. Today, we do not really know what this new normality will be – but clearly consumption is affected by the economic crisis that has hit people and companies heavily and possibly our consumption and behavioral habits may indeed be reviewed and choices changed.

Invite Customers back
Nonetheless, it is crucial to invite customers back. Of course, building trust is always a long way off but it needs to be done here and now. Entrepreneurs and business people always look for the positive numbers first but if there are no beautiful numbers at the moment it makes sense to offer optimistic views and perspectives. As regularly as possible and via different story angles and channels.

Share positive News
But what to do then? Our team at In Nomine in Estonia came together after long weeks of isolation in the home office and realized: the offices are working hard, the factories are in production again, the shops and restaurants are opened. Our warmest recommendation is: Share photos and lively messages on Social Media. Despite the crisis, continue to act vigorously. Go ahead and find supportive comments or even numbers for your business news. And if you work part-time at home talk about what it looks and feels like and how it will benefit your business. You changed your service, you are planning a new product, or even received a decent order  – let the world know about everything that is good!

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Share your Good News with the World

We have many channels to communicate good news. Certainly, via the classic media be it print, radio or TV and surely, due to the new normality, more and more via the web. Social Media allow you to post moving images. Ask your people once a week "how do you feel?" and share it with others. Or make great in-house videos with employees to keep your team motivated. An interesting output could be a blog of the new normality where the company honestly describes its exit, the changes to be done and how customers will come along with it.

Examples of Good News
What good news has a communications agency like In Nomine in Estonia witnessed recently? At a time when passengers cannot be carried and economic results are deteriorating sharply, our client Viking Line has been looking for positive messages elsewhere, such as the progress of freight transport. Because the ships that sail twice between Tallinn and Helsinki on weekdays are full of trucks, freight transport works. The Finnish side picked up the good news and shared it in their local media. Viking Line's freight traffic is growing. 

Together with the construction company Mapri Ehitus we focused on informing about successful projects as well as talking about the completion of several new buildings and the laying of the cornerstone of the Estover biogas plant. The cornerstone event received proper media coverage at a time when "real news” are left in the background. 

In the meantime, with the financial technology company Fitek, we thought that the forced digital revolution that has pinned people down to their screens could make people use e-billing channels even more, and we bought out supportive growth numbers.

If you don't talk, nobody will listen
Let us talk about your actions for others and share the good news. The slogan of the former telecom company Q-GSM "Talk to People" fits perfectly here. Because if you don't talk, nobody will listen. So, go ahead, and toot your own horn! 

Portrait of Heikki Sal-Saller, Partner at In Nomine in Estonia
Heikki Sal-Saller, Partner at In Nomine, Estonia

If you need PR support to spread your good news in Estonia, please get in touch with Heikki Sal-Saller, Partner at In Nomine in Tallinn, Estonia: