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EMG Communicator Summit: Rock your clients!

EMG Communicator Summit: Rock your clients!

Interview with Greg Farrett, EMG

Eurocom Worldwide's Benelux & China member EMG hosted their annual Communicator Summit with senior communicators from across its industrial client portfolio, including guest speakers from Nokia Global Services and others. We asked CEO Greg Farrett about EMG's formula for this successful event. 

Headshot of Greg Farrett, CEO of EMG, Benelux & China
Greg Farrett, CEO of EMG, Benelux & China
EMG has been international in focus and delivery since the very onset. Today, the EMG team works from two main hubs in The Netherlands and China to develop strategies, create content and drive international campaigns.

Eurocom Worldwide: Greg, what motivates your clients to spend their travel and working time on the EMG Communicator Summit? 

Greg Farrett: The Communicator Summit offers participants a forum to discuss core strategic questions with their peers in a discrete atmosphere. The setting encourages them to talk openly about concerns and uncertainties and evaluate pros and cons of anticipated change. The focus lies on the following questions:

  • Is our communication targeted enough? 
  • How can we measure that? 
  • What kind of change is necessary?
  • Have we chosen the right strategy? 
  • Do others face the same challenges?
EMG Communicator Summit

Eurocom Worldwide: Could you please summarize for us the main topics at this year's Communicator Summit?

Greg Farrett: This year’s theme was “The Connected Customer”. Until recently, B2B communicators have shunned digital media because it was felt that their particular customers’ journeys are too complex and diverse. Our guest speaker Carlijn Adema, Head of Marketing and Communication for Nokia Global Services, described the journey in a B2B environment, based on her actual experiences in recent years. She focused on the challenges and opportunities when moving from a product centric to an audience centric strategy and identified a number of key requirements needed for a fast track to success. These include breaking internal silos, stopping internal competition, involving the Sales team at an early stage and simplifying and prioritising the new approach.

Our second speaker Jim Olson, Founder & President of Hangar 6 Strategic Storytelling, demonstrated how persuasive stories can drive the digital customer experience. Jim highlighted the role of the Chief Storyteller, a specialist who can help to create stories that stir our hearts, provoke conversation, inspire commitment and invite action.

Eurocom Worldwide: What exactly is EMG's role at the Communicator Summit? 

Greg Farrett: The Communicator Summit is a high-end event hosted by EMG for the strategic benefit of our clients. We provide the platform, including the venue and catering, we invite selected clients and we moderate the event. Our job is completed when they go home inspired, with new contacts, fresh ideas and increased momentum for their own projects. 

Eurocom Worldwide: What was the top line takeaway from the Communicator Summit? 

Greg Farrett: One participant, Dr Ralf Leinemann, Global Manager PR & Marketing Communications at INEOS Styrolution, summed up the event as follows: “This year’s summit was particularly interesting, since the two presentations addressed the defined topic from very different angles, leaving a lot of food for thought. It triggered a lot of ideas. I always appreciate to learn from others tackling similar challenges as myself.”

If you want to learn more about the EMG Communicator Summit please get in touch with Greg Farrett: