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Podcasts in PR: Effective or Overhyped?

Podcasts in PR: Effective or Overhyped?
Podcasts in Public Relations Strategy

Blog by Audrey Surette, Gabriel Marketing Group

Nothing goes with a brutal morning commute or workout session better than a killer podcast.

They create a unique sense of familiarity between the podcaster and the listener and reach 73 million Americans monthly.

Yet, when it comes to tech PR strategy, we ask ourselves: where’s the value? Should we jump through hoops pursuing podcast interviews, or is it a waste of time?

Besides building credibility, what’s the point?

Building PR for Your Tech Company? Ready the Lasers!

Sure, some podcasts may not have billions of listeners. Believe or not, this is exactly what makes them so effective. They reach perfectly targeted groups – audiences you’re trying desperately to reach.

Take The CyberWire: a daily cybersecurity podcast that interviews high-profile security professionals on what’s shaking up the industry. Some companies may pass them by because they have fewer consumers than The Hill or InformationWeek.

“Big mistake. Big. Huge.”

The CyberWire, or any other podcast aimed at a very specific audience of professionals, reaches a tailored group of industry executives. They reach the people who geek out over industry disruptors, emerging hacker threats, new cyber defense methods or any other relevant issues affecting their business.

Those same fans are cutting checks for their cybersecurity planning and platforms.

On the other hand, bigger name outlets reach professionals across a spectrum of careers and practices – professionals that may just skim or scroll past articles featuring verticals irrelevant to their mission.

As a PR strategy, the buzz that comes from those skimmed headlines is just part of a larger effort – one that suffers without targeting impactful social options like podcasts.

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Podcasts Turn Tech Company PR from Robotic Ratatouille to Superstar Soufflé

With technical businesses, PR goals like differentiation and humanity can get lost in some formats – particularly in panels, scripted interviews, etc. Enter (you guessed it) podcasts.

If the podcast host already has a loyal following and killer reputation, guests are usually seen as a reputable source for news in that particular industry. Even better, organic discussions and casual exchanges provide the relatability and authenticity that highlight the details and reflect that the guests are real-life human beings.

Voilà! – PR victory and riveted audience à la podcast. Bon Appétit!

Multimedia Podcasters: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Podcasters are incredibly passionate about their topics and constantly promote their interviews on social. What’s more, they also tend to cultivate their talents across a variety of mediums and outlets.

Example? Take Joel Cheesman – one of the faces of the beloved HR podcast Chad and Chees. As a ‘bad boy of HR,’ Joel not only interviews HR tech leaders on his podcast, but he also reports for ERE Media. Historically speaking, once Joel has a relationship with an interviewee, he often mentions those guests in his other articles.

That’s how a single pitch can bring a landslide of coverage.

Joel isn’t the only podcaster who made a name in journalism, however. Business guru Barry Ritholtz hosts the Bloomberg Masters in Business podcast. He writes for Bloomberg. He pens novels. He commentates on Bloomberg Television – and much, much more. We’re not sure he sleeps, however.

Translation: execs who can get time on Barry’s podcast just might have a shot at multiple placements in one of the world’s biggest business outlets – among other venues. That’s a pretty amazing return on investment.

Reshaping Marketing and PR for Tech Companies

Podcasts are a juicy PR opportunity. They provide the unique opportunity to build brand visibility and become a thought leader in your industry – without sounding like a corporate cyborg. And while they may not be followed by millions of folks like you and I, they still reach swarms of shot-callers that B2B and B2C businesses need.

Don’t stop swinging for the fences, though. Placing your business in major outlets like The New York Times, Bloomberg and ABC News is all part of a well-rounded PR strategy.

We can help with that, too.

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