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Digitise your PR events? The right setup counts!

Digitise your PR events? The right setup counts!
How to succeed with digital events (© MVTec Software GmbH)
How to succeed with digital events (© MVTec Software GmbH)
Insights from Christoph Schwartz, founder and Managing Director of Schwartz Public Relations, Eurocom Worldwide's member agency in the DACH region

The COVID-19 crisis has led to numerous trade-fair and event cancellations. So how can companies reach their target groups by digital means? Our experience shows that stimulating, interactive event formats can’t simply be conjured out of a hat.

Online events need smart ideas, appropriate tools and convincing concepts because, more so than in "real life", selecting suitable formats and topics for the respective target groups is a crucial factor. For this reason, the Schwartz PR team is currently supporting our clients in their cross-media communication, particularly in this area, from strategy to implementation.

Whether a virtual press conference or product briefing, webinar or interactive trade fair – the "event feeling" should be transported in the best possible way.

Shanghai Fashion Week
Shanghai Fashion Week teamed up with the Alibaba platform Tmall to bring the event completely into the digital world – as the world's first fashion week where all shows were presented via (© Alibaba)

Product launches in times of social distancing
How do you accompany a product launch without personal contact to key journalists? This was the key question recently facing us and our client, OnePlus, in preparing for the official presentation of its new smartphone line – traditionally one of the most important events in its diary.

In short: a great deal of flexibility and smart logistics can move mountains, even with no physical presence – and without the hassle and expense of travelling. To provide for an adequate "experience factor", test devices were sent directly to journalists’ home offices under embargo.

oneplus phones
Virtual Launch of the new Smartphone Series OnePlus 8 (© OnePlus)

Using videoconferencing, OnePlus contact persons then provided over 70 editors with bespoke briefings and interviews, taking them step-by-step through the product innovations and giving them short live demos. The editors and product team then communicated directly with one another in the subsequent test phase – all under the premise of maximising (virtual) contact, despite the true physical distance between them.

A public press conference via YouTube live stream rounded off the virtual launch of the new smartphone series. The results speak for themselves: in terms of reporting – with over 340 publications in the daily, business, lifestyle and tech press within the first week – this product launch was qualitatively and quantitatively one of the most successful ever in the history of OnePlus.

Pure virtual launch for DIGITAL X DIGITAL EDITION
Schwartz PR is responsible for the communication of one of the most important digital events of this year – the DIGITAL X DIGITAL EDITION. Besides Deutsche Telekom, over 200 national and international partners are involved in Europe’s largest cross-industry digitalisation initiative aimed at assisting small and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation. More than 50,000 decision-makers from start-ups, SMEs and industry have visited the events since 2018.

Virtual Launch of DIGITAL X DIGITAL EDITION (© Deutsche Telekom)

This year, the DIGITAL X DIGITAL EDITION will be launched as a series of purely virtual events. The digital mega-events will help medium-sized businesses in Germany to make a fresh start following the turmoil. Among the first event’s highlights on May 19th 2020 were live key notes from visionaries such as Tim Höttges and Edward Snowden; and digitalisation best practices are shared on five digital stages. The virtual marketplace is an exchange platform for digitalisation solutions, while experts will support decision-makers in live chats during the crisis and beyond. Further digital events are planned for June 23rd and September 2020. If you’d like to take part in the interactive formats, please register here.

Virtual training courses for speakers
The post-Corona world will be a very different one from the one we were used to. In the coming months, conferences, trade fairs, meetings and media discussions will only be held virtually. But talking in front of a camera in a videoconference requires entirely different conversational tactics from talking face-to-face.

The situation in front of a webcam can also be professionally prepared for in training courses. At Schwartz PR's virtual speaker and media courses, you can take customised training sessions from your computer, whether at home, in the office or on the road. The virtual live courses are not simply recorded video tutorials, but optimally designed for individuals or small groups to learn in front of the screen – with interaction, practical exercises and adequate breaks.

Like in face-to-face trainings, our professional trainers simulate various interview situations, record everything from start to finish and, finally, analyse the conversation together with you – above all, giving you tips and tricks for conversations via video link. The courses only require elementary technology: a webcam and video-conferencing solution are all that you need to connect to the trainers in the studio. We’re looking forward to your inquiry!

Christoph Schwartz, MD of Schwartz Public Relations, Germany
Are you looking for support to digitise your PR events? Please get in touch with Christoph Schwartz, Managing Director of Schwartz Public Relations in Munich, Germany: