Eurocom Survey Suggests Tech Recovery on the Way with New Confidence on Jobs, Revenues

London 16 February 2004: An international survey by Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, suggests that recovery in the technology market will kick in over the second and third quarters of 2004 – and in some sectors may have already begun.

The study amongst almost 200 senior technology executives in 16 countries finds that almost 50% believe that recovery will begin in the second (27%) or third (20%) quarters of this year. One in three believes that the recovery has already begun.

“Despite the increase in IT equities over the past year, the signs of a full blown recovery have been patchy but this survey suggests confidence returning to the sector for the first time in three years,” commented Tom Burgess, CEO Eurocom Worldwide.

Three quarters of the respondents (76%) are more confident about tech prospects in 2004 than they were in 2003. One in five (19%) report the same level of confidence while 5% remain pessimistic.

The survey suggests controlled optimism on job prospects. 57% expect to increase jobs over the next six months. 39% say that recruitment is on hold while just 4% predict a fall in employment.

The sector is more bullish on revenues than last year with 78% predicting an increase in sales over the next six months compared to 54% in the 2003 survey. One in five (19%) anticipate flat sales compared to 34% last year while just 3% are expecting lower revenues (11% in 2003).

“Technology executives tend to be stoically optimistic on revenues but a more valid gauge of increased confidence is jobs,” added Tom Burgess. “We are definitely seeing a swing to a more optimistic outlook on the recruitment front compared to last year. Those expecting to increase jobs have almost doubled while those anticipating further jobs layoffs has fallen significantly from 16% to 4%.”

The biggest threat to revenues is seen as a slowdown in the global or US economy. Continuing nervousness over global terrorism ranks in the top four dangers to recovery.

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