38% of Companies Check Social Media Profiles of Potential Employees – Eurocom Worldwide Survey

More firms involved in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn than blogging

38% of technology companies check out potential employees’ profiles on social media sites such as Facebook, according to an international survey by Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, and its member agencies around the globe.

The Eurocom Worldwide survey found that 38% of technology firms examine social media profiles to determine potential employees’ suitability for a job. The survey of over 660 senior level executives in technology companies, which was conducted during January and February 2011, also highlights corporate usage of social media.

Only just over a third (36%) of technology firms have any formal process in place, other than a Google alert, for listening to what is said about their company on the web.

“The first phase of implementing a social media campaign is to listen to and monitor what is being said about your company and its service or product online,” commented Mads Christensen, network director, Eurocom Worldwide. “The majority of firms are either failing to do this or are not doing it in a very rigorous manner.”

There appears to have been no growth in corporate blogging over the last two years with the proportion of technology companies surveyed having a blog remaining flat at around one third. The main reason cited for corporate blogging is to improve interaction with public/customers, followed by raising profile/thought leadership and boosting search engine optimisation (SEO).

The Eurocom Worldwide survey found that the main barriers to corporate blogging are that “it is too time consuming”, cited by 33%, followed by “don’t see the value of it” (29%) and “never thought about it” (18%).

“Such is the value of corporate blogging from a search perspective alone that it is a little surprising that only a third of technology firms do it,” commented Mads Christensen, network director, Eurocom Worldwide. “However, blogging does require a significant time commitment so companies are better not to do it at all than do it badly or infrequently.”

Despite a mixed reaction to blogging, half (51%) of firms surveyed have a Facebook page, 46% have a corporate Twitter account, 43% are on LinkedIn and just over a third (36%) of companies have a YouTube presence. Of the total, 38% expect to increase their spend on Social Media over the next 12 months.

In terms of activity, just over a quarter (26%) of respondents’ companies Tweet daily and just over one in five (21%) update their Facebook page each day.

The Eurocom Worldwide Technology Market Survey 2011 was conducted by the network and its member agencies during January and February 2011, and surveyed 664 senior level executives in technology based businesses across more than 30 countries worldwide.

Survey Methodology
Each year Eurocom Worldwide and its member agencies survey technology business leaders and senior technology executives, measuring the sentiments and confidence levels of professionals in the sector. This year 664 respondents participated, a record response rate. The study was conducted via the internet and field work was carried out in January and February of 2011.

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