PR Network Strengthens Global Reach with New Member Agencies in Latin America

Global PR network Eurocom Worldwide welcomes member agencies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru

Eurocom Worldwide, the Global PR Network, is increasing its global reach with the addition of new member agencies in five Latin American countries. The PR network provides a global community for member agencies and clients to plan and execute international public relations activities with reliability and transparency based on the network's service level commitments.

The five agencies in Latin America have allied themselves in LatAm PR Network and are now fully embraced as member agencies in Eurocom Worldwide This further strengthens the operational ability of the global PR network across significant markets of the world. Eurocom Worldwide member agencies are now present in over 60 national capitals and centres of commerce around the globe.

“Eurocom Worldwide is a global alliance of agencies who share a spirit of trust and commitment. We focus on business and technology communication, and our strength lies in our local market experts and global ability,” said Network Director Mads Christensen.

Two of the new member agencies in Latin America were previously affiliated with Eurocom Worldwide through a now defunct regional alliance and have been instrumental in creating the new Latin American grouping in the global network:

“We have been partners of Eurocom Worldwide since 2004 and are very happy to see our Latin American colleagues now connect directly with this important network. Our Latin American team will certainly do its best to help clients and agencies from around the world carry out business in our region,” said Sandra Sinicco, Managing Director of Grupo Casa in Brazil.

The Latin American member agencies in Eurocom Worldwide are:
Argentina – MarcomRP –
Brazil – Grupo Casa –
Chile – BMR –
Mexico - Percepción e Imagen –
Peru – Sciolli Comunicadores –

“We are delighted to welcome to the network our Latin American colleagues. They are locally rooted agencies, have produced remarkable results and possess great international vision,” Christensen said.

Eurocom Worldwide is now in its 9th year of operation as a global communications partnership. The member agencies share hundreds of activities each year and operate with direct, efficient links based on commonality and service level commitments.

This networked agency model combines the strength of local expert agencies and international reach and ability.

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