Eurocom Worldwide PR Network: Member Agencies See Opportunities in Global Crunch

Eurocom Worldwide Keen to Build on Local Expertise for Global Communications Tasks

Amid dire news about the downturn in markets around the world, member agencies of leading international Public Relations network get together – and identify opportunities for renewed growth

Eurocom Worldwide, the Global PR Network, last month held its annual member conference in Munich, Germany, with an upbeat assessment of ways to grow and deliver results in international communications services.

Members at the conference were delighted to learn that in 2008, project cooperation between member agencies grew by an impressive 25%. The network’s worldwide alliance of independent, privately owned communications and Public Relations agencies offers a compelling service capability to companies of both local and global scope.

The networked model of cooperation between member agencies was hailed by conference delegates as a way of retaining reliable international execution and delivery while meeting the increasing demands for local and up-to-date information exchange.

Over two thirds of the network’s member agencies participated in the conference, which gave room for in-depth discussions and workshops about business operations and communications techniques in the new, lean market place.

“Eurocom Worldwide is one of the world’s leading networks of independent communications agencies who cooperate internationally to the benefit of clients. Our infrastructure and our flexible setup make us well equipped to quickly adjust to the market changes we are experiencing,” said Network Director Mads Christensen.

“Eurocom Worldwide has always placed great emphasis on local expert service delivery and direct personal links across countries and cultures. These virtues are becoming ever more important,” said the Network Director.

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About Eurocom Worldwide
Eurocom Worldwide is a global alliance of independent, privately owned Public Relations agencies. Together, we form a global business-to-business communications solution provider with a focus on technology in its broadest sense. Eurocom Worldwide has 30 member agencies comprising 900 communications specialists and consultants in 60 national capitals and centres of commerce around the globe. For more information, visit
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